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Stall Assembly Components


Arm Gate Prep Stall
SKU: GBB-000-041N 36SW
Axle, UHMW for Galvanized Gate Hanger
SKU: GDL-000-001N 37NW
Bearing UHMW Left Linkage 1 7/8" OD
SKU: GDL-000-002N 37NW
Blade Paddle Assembly
SKU: GBB-000-010N-58SSW
Bolt U Large 3"W
SKU: GUK-000-002N 68SSW
Bolt U Small 2 1/2"W
SKU: GUK-000-001N 68SSW
Bracket Assembly
SKU: GBB-000-002N 13SSW
Bracket Milk Rotary Spoke 7"L
SKU: GBM-000-007N 99SSW
Bracket, Rotary Mounting 4"
SKU: GUK-000-007R 30NS04
Button Push Red
SKU: GCL-000-001N 81NSW
Clamp T
SKU: MBB-000-060R 28SW
Clevis Cylinder Repaired
SKU: GPK-000-002R 87SSW