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Air Systems Fittings


Cap Brass Threaded Lg 7/16-20THD SZ
SKU: AUK-000-075R 38SW
Cap Brass Threaded Sm, 7/16-20THD SZ
SKU: AUK-000-074R 38SW
Connector Slip Fit by Threaded Male
SKU: AUK-000-081R 38SW
Elbow Male by Barbed .125NPT by .25
SKU: ABB+000-001N 58SSW
Elbow Thread to Slip Fit
SKU: CMU-000-094N 25NS01
Elbow Threaded to Slip Fit
SKU: CMU-000-094R 56SW
Elbow Threaded to Slip-Fit 1/2 x 1/4
SKU: AUK-000-070R 56SW
Fitting 1 13/16"L
SKU: ACQ-000-007N 102SSW
Fitting 3/4" Slip by 1/2" Threaded
SKU: ABJ-000-001N 42SSW
Fitting 45° Brass 1 1/8" L
SKU: AUK-000-050R 11SW
Fitting 90° Brass 3/4" by 3/4"
SKU: AUK-000-038R 11SW