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Analyzer, Capacitor 110-125 VAC 60 Cycle

Analyzer, Capacitor 110-125 VAC 60 Cycle
TXM-000-001R 11NSF
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USED  This is a used "Annie" capacitor analyzer used to check motor start and motor run capacitors.  It measures 11" long by 4 1/2" high by 8" deep, 6" deep without measuring the handle.  The case is made of plastic and the analyzer has metal and wiring components.  The indicated specifications are:

110-125 volts AC   60 Cycle

0-60 micro Farads (MFD) and 0-600  micro Farads (MFD)

Model A-4   Type 2   "Annie"

The Mechanical Refrigeration Enterprises part number for the analyzer is unknown.


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