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Clamps and Hangers


1-1/2" Clamp-Small
SKU: MBB-000-119R 29SW
1/2" Clamp Set
SKU: MMT-000-036-53SSW
1/2" Clamp Set
SKU: MMT-000-081-27SW
Anti-Swirl Device 9"L
SKU: MUK-000-497R 22SS07
Bolts, 2 with 1 Nut 2"L
SKU: MUK-000-525R 08SW
Brace, U-Bend for 1" Glass Pipe
SKU: MUK-000-522R 08SW
Bracket - Double pipeline
SKU: VBB-000-012R 18SSW
Bracket - L
SKU: MUK-000-123R 08NSW
Bracket - L, 9"L by 5 5/8"L
SKU: MUK-000-123N 56SW
Bracket - U 5 3/4" x 6 3/4"
SKU: MUK+000-257R 08NSW
Bracket - U, 7 1/4"L by 6"H
SKU: MUK-000-257N 56SW
Bracket 1 5/8" Long
SKU: MUK-000-458N 25NS06