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SALE!  From now until September 30, 2021, we are offering 35% off each Dairy Manager Milk Meter (DBB-000-181R) purchased!  That's a savings of $84.00!

Detacher Complete Units


ATO Portable
SKU: DUV-000-001R 19SS Pipeline
Cylinder 25 7/8"L with Sensor no Cap for Parts
SKU: DSK-000-004R 08NHU
Detacher 5 1/2"L
SKU: DUK-000-281R 10NS06
Detacher Complete
SKU: DUK-000-283R 10NS07
Detacher MPC 100 w/Sensor
SKU: DDL-000-067R 18SSF
Detacher SST II on Cylinder
SKU: DDL-000-074R 19NSF
Detacher Strangko As Is
SKU: DSK-000-003R 08NSHU
Meter Milk Dairy Manager
SKU: DBB-000-181R 1NSW
Milk Meter DeLaval Mark 3
SKU: DDL-000-003R 42SSW
Waikato Goat Milker and Bracket
SKU: DUK-000-011N 06NSW