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New Arrivals

Connector Squeeze 90° Non Insulated
Added: 09/17/2020
SKU: RTB-000-002N 41SSW

Conduit Parts


Box Switch Surge
SKU: RBB-000-018R 42SW
Connection Pieces, Electrical Pkg of 3
SKU: RUK-000-031R 36SW
Connector 1 1/8" Conduit
SKU: MUK-000-355R 08NS04
Connector 1 1/8" Conduit Regal
SKU: MRE-000-001R 08NS04
Connector 11/16" Conduit Type B
SKU: MAI-000-001N 08NS04
Connector 90° Squeegee fits a 1/2" Wire
SKU: MBF-000-001N 09NS03
Connector Conduit
SKU: SP 581R DR040
Connector Conduit 3/4"OD THD with Cap
SKU: MUK-000-432R 14NS01
Connector Conduit 90° THD 11/16"OD
SKU: MCE-000-002R 08NS08
Connector Conduit Dome Nut 1/2" NPT
SKU: MNU-000-001R 14NS01
Connector Conduit THD 1/2"OD
SKU: MRA-000-002N 08NS08
Connector Conduit THD 11/16"OD & 13/16"OD
SKU: MUK-000-421R 14NS01