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Dairy equipment


Anchor Wedge 3 1/4" L 1/4-20 THD SZ
SKU: OUK-000-042N 08NS08
Ballast for Outdoor Fly Killer w/Lamp Starter
SKU: OBB-000-007N 19SSW
Bracket 3/4"L
SKU: OJI-000-001R 14NS01
Brass Shut Off Valve Male/Female 1-1/2"
SKU: WUK-000-002N 20SW
Brass Shut Off Valve-Male/Female
SKU: WUK-000-003N 20SW
Brush Kit
SKU: OUK-000-044N 08NS08
Bushing Bunting P-63-8 for Door Close Pkg of 6
SKU: OBB-000-004N 15SSW
Cap - Vented and Screened
SKU: MUK-000-001N 62SW
Cap Rubber 3/4" OD
SKU: OUK-000-041N 08NS08
Clamp Drop Wire Type 2 PRS-6 w/Shim
SKU: OUK-000-077N 38SW
Clamp Half - 4" Tube
SKU: MUK-000-107N
Clip In 90° Stainless Steel L Shaped 3"L
SKU: OUK-000-066R 14NS01