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Fluke 5215A Precision Power Amplifier - Works Great!

Fluke 5215A Precision Power Amplifier - Works Great!
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The Fluke 5215A Precision Power Amplifier is an ac coupled programmable inverting amplifier with a fixed gain of 100. Output level is specified to 1100V at up to 200 mA, with a typical upper limit of 1200V before automatically tripping into standby mode. The 5215A includes automatic-overload sensing and recovery. Upon sensing an excessive slew rate or frequency of the input signal, or a momentary output overload, output is returned to zero within 2 microseconds and held there for 6 milliseconds, or until the fault is corrected. When steady overload, shorted output, or excessive input drive level is detected, the 5215A trips and locks into standby mode and displays a fault indicator. Extend the capabilities of your calibration facility for a reasonable price. ________________________________________ Features and Specifications: • Designed for use with 5700A, 5200A, 0r 5100B • Output voltages to 1100V rms • Maximum output power 220 watts • 10 Hz to 100 kHz, typical upper limit 120 kHz • 420 ppm midband amplitude uncertainty at 1000 rms • 200 ppm midband six-month stability • Fully programmable • Short and overload protected • There is slight dent in top case cover - please see photos

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