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HUGE DISCOUNT!  Take $.95 off each new RUBBER GASKET (EUK-000-049N).  This makes the price just $.25 each or 4/$1/00!  The dimensions of the gasket are 1 3/4"OD, 3/4"ID, and 1/8" thick.  Stock up now at this price until November 30, 2021, when this sale ends.



SKU: CMU-000-072N 81NSW
Fuse Blade 10/15/30 AMP 32VDC Pkg of 3
SKU: REO-000-003N 67SSW
Fuse Buss Cartridge Glass AGX-1, 250V 7/8"L
SKU: OBU-000-007R 08NS04
Fuse Cartridge 10Amp Time Delay 1 3/8"L
SKU: OBU-000-003N 08NS02
Fuse Cartridge 12Amp Dual-Element 1 3/8"L
SKU: OFT-000-005R 08NS02
Fuse Cartridge 15Amp Dual-Element 1 3/8"L
SKU: OFT-000-001N 08NS02
Fuse Cartridge 15Amp Time Delay 1 3/8"L
SKU: OLI-000-001R 08NS02
Fuse Cartridge 15Amp Time Delay 1 7/8"L
SKU: OBU-000-002R 08NS02
Fuse Cartridge 20 Amp 2"L
SKU: REA-000-001R 59SSW
Fuse Cartridge 20Amp Buss 1 3/8"L
SKU: OBU-000-004R 08NS02