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Gauges and Balance Tanks


Gauge Vacuum w/out Lens
SKU: VSC-000-002R 09NS04
Gauge Vacuum 0-30 VAC, 0-100 kPa
SKU: VBB-000-193R 42SSW
Gauge Vacuum 0-30" VAC, 0-100 kPa
SKU: VAT-000-001R 32SW
Gauge Vacuum Digital
SKU: VCB-000-002N 24NSW
Gauge Vacuum w/Lens
SKU: VSC-000-001R 09NS04
Gauge Vacuum with Lens
SKU: VBB-000-164R 9NS04
Gauge, Pressure, 2" DRY,1/4NPT Brass Lower
SKU: VUK-000-082N 74SSW
Gauge, Vacuum 30" HG VAC
SKU: VBM-000-006N 33NW
Glass for Vacuum Gauge
SKU: VBB-000-115N 13NSW
Pressure Gauge
SKU: VMT-000-011R 25SW
Tank PVC Balance 64"L o/all
SKU: VUK-000-028R 12NS
Valve Gate Vacuum
SKU: VUK-000-089R 19NS01