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ID Assembly Components


Antenna 5 5/8"L x 4 3/8"W
SKU: HUV-000-011N 24NS06
Antenna for U-Bolt ID Tag System
SKU: HBB-000-039N 27SS02
Antenna Transformer GEA
SKU: HWL-000-012R 16NS01
Booster Amplifier
SKU: HWL-000-002N 31NW
Booster PCB
SKU: HWL-000-003N 36NW
Buckle Slide 1" for Boumatic Neck Strap
SKU: HBM-000-005R 36SW
Collar Number 0
SKU: HWL-000-005R 15SS
Collar Number 1
SKU: HWL-000-006R 15SS
Collar Number 2
SKU: HWL-000-007R 15SS
Collar Number 4
SKU: HWL-000-008R 15SS
Collar Number 5
SKU: HWL-000-009R 15SS
Collar Number 7
SKU: HWL-000-010R 15SS