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Lobe Pumps


Bearing Enclosed 1 1/2"OD
SKU: VMJ-000-001R 08NS08
Pump Sutorbilt 3MP
SKU: VXU-000-001R 21SSF
Pump Sutorbilt Boumatic 4HP
SKU: VXU-000-002R 21SSF
Seal Oil Vacuum Pump
SKU: VKA-000-001N 74SSW
Sight Glass Oil Lobe Air 13/16-16 THD SZ
SKU: VSC-000-013N 72SSW
Sight Glass, Lobe Air OIl, 1/2" MNPT
SKU: VSC-000-012N 75SSW
Valve Silencer
SKU: VNI-000-001R 08NS03