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Milk Pumps and Motors


8 Pin Relay
SKU: MDT-000-001N33NW
Backplate Milk Pump w/Gasket
SKU: MBB-000-306R 20SS02
Bolt Hex Pump
SKU: MUK-000-454N 25NS05
Bracket Milk Pump
SKU: MUK-000-488N 22SS05
SKU: MSE-000-001N 10NS05
Brushes for Pump Hose Dryer
SKU: MUK-000-033NCubby25NW
Capacitor Run 370VAC 30µF 60Hz GE Motor
SKU: MGE-000-001N 09NS01
Capacitor Run 3µF 370V Motor
SKU: MST-000-001N 9NS1
Carbon Brush for a Fractional HP Motor
SKU: MHE-000-001N 9NS03
Ceramic Milk Pump Seal 1 3/8" OD
SKU: MUK-000-121N 97SSW
Ceramic Seal
SKU: MLC-000-001N 87SSW
Clip, Impeller
SKU: MDL-000-049N 25NS03