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New Arrivals

Pipe End Threaded 1"OD
Added: 08/06/2020
SKU: MUK-000-716R 38SW
Weight for Guide Rod
Added: 08/06/2020
SKU: RUK-000-500N 38SW
Terminal Strip 16 Place
Added: 08/06/2020
SKU: RBR-000-001R 38SW

Miscellaneous Hardware


Cap Stainless Steel With Hole 2"OD
SKU: SP 538N 18NSW
Cap Threaded 1 5/8"L
SKU: OUK-000-021R 10NS05
Cap Threaded Hex 7/8"L 13/16-16 THD SZ
SKU: RUK-000-162N 42SW
Cap Threaded Plastic 1 5/8"ID
SKU: RUK-000-234R 15NS03
Cap w/Small Hole 1 5/8"OD, 3/8"ID
SKU: DUK-000-289R 08NS04
Cap with Hole
SKU: SP 543N 19NSW
Cap with Large Hole
SKU: DUK-000-288R 08NS04
Cap, Dust, 3/8"OD, 5/16"ID, 5/16"H
SKU: RUK-000-285R 53SW
Cap, Nylon Threaded, 11/16"W, 5/8"H
SKU: RUK-000-293R 53SW
Carabiner, 1 15/16"L, 1"W, 3/8"H
SKU: RUK-000-283R 53SW
Carabiner, 2 13/16"L, 1 1/2"W, 3/8"H
SKU: RUK-000-284R 53SW