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Miscellaneous Hardware


Connection Air Nipple Threaded 3"L
SKU: AUK-000-007R 08NS08
Connection Piece Ladder Style
SKU: RUK-000-239R 38SW
Connection Wire 16 AWG
SKU: RUK-000-041N 20SS02
Connector 1 15/16"L
SKU: RUK-000-502N 37SSW
Connector 1 3/4"OD
SKU: RUK-000-595R 10NS01
Connector 90°
SKU: VUK-000-066R 08NS07
Connector for Surge Cooling Box
SKU: CBB-000-062R 40SSW
Connector w/10k Ohm Resistor
SKU: RUK-000-245R 47SSW
Connector Wire 150V/400V
SKU: RUK-000-045N 08SW
Connector Wire Pkg of 22
SKU: DBB-000-375N 37SSW
Connector Wire Pkg of 3
SKU: MHG-000-001R 08NS08
Connector, 1/2"OD 1/8"ID 1/8"H, Pkg./50
SKU: RUK-000-344R 53SW