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Motor Contactors, Capacitors and Relays


Relay 30-100VDC 120-240VAC 10-.5AMP
SKU: MID-000-001R 25SS08
Relay 30VDC 120-240VAC 10-15AMP 1/3-1/2HP
SKU: MCL-000-001R 24SS01
Relay 35 Amp
SKU: VGE-000-001R 09NS2
Relay 900 DPDT 240-600VAC 1-1/2-2HP 30-20AMP
SKU: MDB-000-001N 25SS08
Relay 900 DPST 24-600VAC 1-1/2-2HP 30-20AMP
SKU: MDB-000-002N 25SS08
Relay FR064, 395VAC 60Hz
SKU: CCM-000-001R 19NS05
Relay Overload
SKU: CSD-000-001N 10NS05
Relay Potential
SKU: VEX-000-002R 9NS2
Relay Potential TR66 35AMP 385V
SKU: MTI-000-001N 25SS08
Relay Power
SKU: VPA-000-001N 09NS02
Relay VDC 28 VAC 120-380 30 A-20A 1HP-3HP
SKU: SUV-000-007N 22SS08
Relay, Potential 82966-1
SKU: VGE-000-002R 09NS02