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Motor Contactors, Capacitors and Relays


Capacitor Start 145-175µF 330VAC CAP330145175-NGM
SKU: VHT-000-001N 14NS01
Capacitor Start 189-227µF 110-125VAC 50/60HZ
SKU: MBG-000-003N 24SS02
Capacitor Start 189-227µF 110VAC 5526023
SKU: VDG-000-001R 09NS02
Capacitor Start 189-227µF 125VAC BC-199
SKU: VVA-000-001R 09NS02
Capacitor Start 189-277µF 110-125VAC
SKU: MBG-000-002N 25SS08
Capacitor Start 193µF 250V
SKU: MAQ-000-002R 24SS01
Capacitor Start 196-236µF 250VAC
SKU: MCK-000-001N 24SS01
Capacitor Start 216-239µF 300VAC
SKU: MPI-000-001R 25SS08
Capacitor Start 400-480µF 105VAC
SKU: MHT-000-001R 25SS08
Capacitor Start 400-480µF 110-125VAC
SKU: MBG-000-001N 25SS08
Capacitor Start 400-480µF 125VAC 530B4A0400A125A2
SKU: VUK-000-015R 09NS02
Capacitor Start 430-516µF 110-125VAC
SKU: VDT-000-001R 24SS01