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Motor Contactors, Capacitors and Relays


Contactor 3 Pole 240-600VAC 7.5HP 30FLA
SKU: MHL-000-001N 25SS08
Contactor 775103
SKU: VOM-000-001R 09NS02
Contactor C25BNB230A
SKU: VCL-000-004R 09NS1
Contactor C25BNB230A-N
SKU: VCL-000-004N9NS1
Contactor C25BNB230T
SKU: VCL-000-005N 09NS1
Contactor C25DNF240B
SKU: VCL-000-001N 09NS1
Contactor C25DNF340A
SKU: VCL-000-002N 09NS1
Contactor C25DNF340B
SKU: VCL-000-003N 09NS1
Contactor Class 8910
SKU: VSD-000-001R 09NS1
Contactor CR153 C074FTA
SKU: VGE-000-003R 09NS02