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Motor Contactors, Relays and Capacitors


Breaker 40 Amp
SKU: VSD-000-002N 09NS2
Breaker 50 Amp 120/240V 50/60Hz
SKU: VSD-000-003N 09NS02
Cap Connector Piece
SKU: VCJ-000-001R 14NS01
Capacitor Run 10µF 370VAC
SKU: MCS-000-003N 25SS08
Capacitor Run 140VAC 55µF 97F3320
SKU: VGE-000-008R 08NS02
Capacitor Run 15µF 370VAC
SKU: MIR-000-002N 25SS08
Capacitor Run 15µF 370VAC A274914
SKU: VGE-000-004R 09NS02
Capacitor Run 161-193µF 220/250VAC
SKU: VMB-000-005R 24SS01
Capacitor Run 17.5µF
SKU: VUK-000-019R 09NS02
Capacitor Run 17.5µF 370VAC
SKU: VCR-000-003R 10NS05
Capacitor Run 17.5µF 370VAC KTSF 37
SKU: VCR-000-001R 09NS02