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Oil Vane Pumps


Cap Filter for L-2 Oiler
SKU: VBB+000-104N 27NW
Capacitor Run 20µF 9.5 Horsepower
SKU: VBB-000-047N 61SSW
Cartridge Oiler
SKU: VBB-000-077N 53SSW
Connector Sleeve Hi Temperature
SKU: VUK-000-031R 10NS01
Container OIL
SKU: VUK-000-030R 10NS01
Container Oil w/Hardware
SKU: VOR-000-004R 08NS01
Cooling Fan without Schroud Assembly
SKU: VBB-000-100N 27NW
Coupler No8J
SKU: VBB-000-111N 27NW
Coupling - Size 6
SKU: VBB-000-084N 09NSW
Coupling 2 3/16"OD 1 1/2"ID 3/8-24 THD SZ
SKU: VUK-000-085N 52SW
Coupling No7J
SKU: VBB-000-110N 27NW
Coupling Rubber Size 6
SKU: VBB-000-084R 10NS04