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Pipeline Washer Accessories


Pumps Peristaltic P1200 120/230V
SKU: SBB-000-153R 18SSF
Control Wash Compass Plus Center 115V 6.3AMP
SKU: SBB-000-152R 18SSF
Meter Electronic Flow Rebuild Kit PFCD
SKU: SBB-000-150N 07SS01
Check Valve Replacement Kit PFCD
SKU: SBB-000-149N 07SS01
Meter Visual Flow Indicator Rebuild Kit PFCD
SKU: SBB-000-148N 07SS01
Terminal Strip w/6 Positions
SKU: SBR-000-014R 52SW
Air Injector 120V
SKU: SBB-000-146R 30NS01
Valve Check First Mate
SKU: SBB-000-144R 42SW
Air Injector Box, Surge Board
SKU: SUK-000-085R 30NS02
Air Injector w/ Transformer & Remote
SKU: SGC-000-001R NSWF
Probe, Guardian I Temperature Sensor 3/8" x 25'
SKU: SSC-000-012N 101SSW
O ring Rubber 1.046" by .139" for Pinch Off Valve
SKU: SBM-000-034N 101SSW