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Plate Coolers


Gasket P20 Plate Cooler with T tabs 24 1/2" Long
SKU: CUK-000-001N 82SSW
Gasket, Plate Cooler, 3" Screen
SKU: CSC-000-008N 75SSW
Gasket, Plate for PHE 20P
SKU: CMU-000-170N 98SSW
O ring for Old Style Plate Cooler 1 1/4" OD
SKU: CSC-000-001N 93SSW
Pad, Cushion for 1.5" SS Pipe, 9/16" ID
SKU: MBB-000-290N 22SS05
Valve Butterfly
SKU: CUK-000-083R 25NS01
Valve Relief Temperature and Pressure 210°F
SKU: CMU-000-015N 12NW