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Rotary stalls


Bracket Milk Rotary Spoke 7"L
SKU: GBM-000-007N 99SSW
Drive Wheel, 12"OD, 4"ID
SKU: GBB-000-049R 30NS02
Manifold ASM for External Autorotor Parlor
SKU: GBB-000-051R 30NS03
Milk Swivel, 2"
SKU: GBB-000-052R 30NS04
Swivel Milk Tri Clover Ferrule for Rotary Parlor
SKU: GWL-000-007R 30NS04
Swivel Rotary Electric
SKU: GWL-000-003R 30NSF
Swivel Rotary Vacuum
SKU: GWL-000-004R 30NSF
Wheel White for External Autorotor Parlor 5 7/8"OD
SKU: GWL-000-005N 30NS03