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Terms & Conditions

Each product listed on the Dairy Train site has a specific warranty.  If no warranty is listed an out of the box warranty will apply. 

 Out Of The Box Warranty 

Buyers shall have a ten day return privilege on all parts.  If the part was misidentified by Dairy Train, return shipping shall be at Dairy Train's expense.  If a part does not work and it is not the type Dairy Train tests, shipping will be paid by the buyer.  In general, all shipping and handling of parts from Dairy Train to the buyer will also be paid by the buyer.  There will be a 25% restocking charge for returned items.  

30 Day Limited Warranty

This product is warrantied to be operational for thirty days from the date that it is received by the buyer.  Misuse or abuse of the product shall void the warranty.  The product must be returned to Dairy Train within 10 days of the end of the limited warranty period to claim warranty.