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Backplate Meter Butterfat Surge
SKU: DBB-000-153R 84SSW
Bracket Meter Butterfat Sampler
SKU: DBB-000-142N
Bracket Meter Butterfat Sampler
SKU: DBB-000-142R 50SSW
Plug for Sampler
SKU: DBM-000-047N 22SS08
Reservoir Sampler
SKU: DBB-000-051R 77SW
Reservoir Sub Sampler
SKU: DBB-000-154N 84SSW
Sampler, Adapter Flange
SKU: DWL-000-040R 30NS04
Stopper Port Sampling Long
SKU: DBB-000-122N 71SSW
Tube Return for Information Sub-Sampler
SKU: DBB-000-155N 84SSW
Market price: $26.40 save 2%
Valve Rubber for Surge Meter Sampler Jar
SKU: DBB-000-384N 27SS01