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New Arrivals

Clamp, Inside when Together 1 7/8"L x 1 7/8"W
Added: 04/02/2020
SKU: MDL-000-068N 57SW
Clamp Half Double w/Arm Clamp 10"L, 2 7/16"ID (Double)
Added: 04/02/2020
SKU: MDL-000-067R 57SW
Clamp, Inside 1 11/16"W x 1"H
Added: 04/02/2020
SKU: MDL-000-068R 57SW



3/8" One Hole Strap Clamp
SKU: MSZ-000-003N 08NS04
Adjustable Pipe Clamp
SKU: SP 0378R DR055
Assorted Clamps
SKU: SP 382R DR075
Bolted Strip Hose Clamps - wide band
SKU: SP 483R DR056
Bolted strip hose clamps - Wittek
SKU: SP 485R DR056
Bolted strip hose clamps with wing bolts
SKU: SP 484R DR056
Clamp with Eyebolt
SKU: SP 322N DR051
Clamp #052
SKU: MUK-000-587R 42SW
Clamp #2 Hanging Conduit
SKU: MMN-000-006N 10NS01
Clamp #4 Hanging Conduit
SKU: MMN-000-005N 10NS01